3 Complications Caused by Contacts


Contact lenses are incredible. They can transform your vision from being terrible to almost perfect. However, contact lenses do carry risks and complications. It’s important to understand and recognize the negative effects they can pose on the overall health of your eye before opting to use them.

First, giant papillary conjunctivitis is a form of pinkeye that can be caused by contact lenses. If lenses are dirty or are worn during allergies, conjunctivitis can be common. It is an infection that causes itchy irritation that will require medication.

Eye irritation and infection is another serious complication. This can occur when the lens is not properly cared for. Ensure that you are rubbing your contacts with solution each time before storing them in the case. You want to make sure that previously used contact solution is discarded after each use. Don’t ever reuse it. Failure to care for your contacts can result in irritation, discharge, redness, and puffiness. It can lead to serious conditions such as corneal ulcers as well.

A corneal abrasion is a small cut or lesion on the eye. It can occur when a contact lens doesn’t fit correctly or when it is dirty. An abrasion will cause pain, sensitivity to light, and even blurred vision. To avoid this, make sure that you discard your contact lenses once the appropriate time has lapsed and that you are current on your prescription.

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