3 Devices Your Optometrist Will Use to Test Your Vision


Regular optometry appointments are extremely important to the health of your eyes. Once your appointment has been made, you might be wondering what devices your doctor will be using to examine your eyes. Here are a just a few of the machines and the tests that will be done once in the exam room.

  1. Phoropter–This type of device will be used by your eye doctor to help determine which type of prescription would be best for your eyes. It can also help to measure refractive error. The phoropter usually looks like a large set of glasses with lots of knobs. You will sit behind the device and look through the lenses while your doctor adjusts settings and tries to establish which prescription will help you to see the clearest.
  2. Slit lamp–This device is basically a microscope with a light attached. It allows your doctor to closely examine the interior elements of the eyes. With this type of lamp, your cornea, iris, and lens will be clearly visible to your eye doctor. This will help him to establish the overall health of your eye.
  3. Auto-refractor–This machine can also help to measure prescription and refractive error. You will simply sit at the device and look through the scope. There will be a picture inside that will move in and out of focus. The machine will then take readings of your eye as it measures how it reacts to the different adjustments.

If you have questions regarding the exam or any of the tests being done, it’s important to speak with your eye doctor. He will be able to help you understand the process and give you the answers you need.

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