3 Habits That Age Your Eyes Prematurely


Almost everyone experiences some vision changes as they age, which is normal. Unfortunately, many others experience more vision changes than necessary because of bad habits they’ve developed. Read about these three common habits you should try to stop in order to prevent premature eye aging.

Skipping Eye Exams

Skipping your yearly eye exam is a bad habit even if you think your eyes are healthy. Regular exams ensure that any eye conditions or diseases will be detected early so that proper treatment can be given. Some diseases, like glaucoma, have no symptoms until permanent vision loss has occurred. But if detected early, you may suffer no vision loss at all. Exams will also detect infections or other minor problems that could become major without treatment.

Forgetting Sunglasses

Skipping the sunglasses damages both the skin around your eyes and the eye itself. Harmful rays from the sun can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and cancer. Wearing sunglasses that block UV rays significantly increases the length of time it will take for your eyes to age.

Inadequate Water and Nutrition

Water and proper nutrition are essential for eye health. Extra sodium and insufficient water prevents proper tear production, leaving you with red and puffy eyes. A healthy diet of vegetables and fish provides your eyes with essential vitamins that can delay or prevent the onset of many eye diseases.

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