3 Reasons People Avoid Seeing an Eye Doctor


Have you ever found yourself squinting to read something close to you? Or maybe you have gotten a headache from reading a book for too long? These are signs that it is time to pay your eye doctor a visit to check your vision. However, it is very common to ignore these signs and put off making that appointment. Here are 3 reasons why people avoid seeing their eye doctor.

No Insurance

Many people do not get regular checkups because they do not have an insurance plan that covers eye exams. Having to pay for these services out of pocket may force you to put it off. However, there are problems, such as glaucoma, that can be taken care of if detected early on, but if untreated, the damage is irreversible.

In Denial

It is easy to think that if you give your eyes a break, the headache will go away and you will be back to normal. Or maybe you are tired, and that is why your vision is a little blurry. It can be difficult to accept that you may need glasses when you have had what you assume is perfect vision your whole life. However, vision changes are usually subtle and most people do not realize that they have needed a new or different prescription for a while.

Fear of Doctors

A fear of doctors is extremely common, especially when it is related to having your eyes touched. Many people would rather live with the symptoms than face their fears. If you can relate to this fear, be honest and tell your eye doctor so that he or she can be sure to explain every procedure and help you overcome your anxiety.

Are there other reasons you put off visiting the eye doctor? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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