3 Tips for Parents of Children with Glasses


If your child is making the transition to glasses, it can be a difficult time for both of you. Taking care of lenses is a big responsibility and it can be hard for kids to understand. Help to make him feel more comfortable with his new lenses by following these tips.

  1. Make wearing glasses fun. Even the best kids will be teased about their glasses a little bit. This can discourage him from wearing glasses. Try to encourage your child to wear glasses by letting him pick out his own frames. However, make sure they look good and he is excited about his choice. If there is a cool feature he is looking for, try to accommodate him. Wearing glasses will be much cooler if your child feels comfortable with the way he looks.
  2. Be sensitive about what your child is feeling. Your child might have a hard time wearing glasses sometimes. Listen to his feelings and be understanding about any fears and anxieties he might have.
  3. Keep a spare pair of glasses on hand. As careful as your child might be, there is a good chance that his frames will break or get lost at some point. Be patient with him if this happens. Kids will be kids. Keep an extra pair on hand and be sure to educate your child on the best way to care for his glasses.

As your child grows, he will become more confident in wearing his glasses. Be supportive as he makes the transition and don’t be afraid to ask him how he’s feeling!

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