4 Tips for Saving Money on Vision Care


Unless a problem is really pressing, vision issues are ones that can go ignored for a long time. While it may not be a superfluous expense, it always seems like one that can be put off. However, we at the offices of Harry W. Chan, OD know that your vision is important. That is why we offer these 4 ways to save money on your vision care.

On Schedule and Early

Regular checkups are an investment in your health and your future bank account. A small expenditure now can save you a lot of money in the future. By catching eye issues early, you will pay less for their treatment than if you waited.

Clip a Coupon

You’ve seen the coupons in the paper. Clip them. If this is too old school, you might find some online.

Reuse Your Frames

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reusing your frames not only helps the environment, it could also help you save money.

Health Savings Plan

If your company has a health savings plan, make sure to take advantage of it. It will save you money on your taxes. If you have paid into a flexible spending plan but haven’t spent the money, going to get your eyes checked is a good way to use the funds before they go to waste.

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