4 Trends in Fashion Eyewear You Should Consider


Who says you can’t wear glasses and be considered fashionable? Trends for eyewear are constantly changing. Find out what trends you should consider this year for your fashion eyewear:

Tinted Lenses

You don’t have to turn to Instagram to see how things look tinted. Try rose-tinted or gold-tinted glasses for a fun new look.

Throwback Frames

Several throwback frames are also making a comeback. Check out wooden frames, tortoise prints, or bubble shapes for your eyewear selection.

Geometric Shapes

More and more people are straying from regular circular or oval-shaped glasses. They’re trading them in for triangular or hexagonal frames. Pair it with a black-and-white print for a fun new look.

Floral Theme

Floral themes are also on the rise. You could find dark greens or pinks, but you should also consider frames with floral prints or butterfly silhouettes printed on them.

Oceanic Theme

Various shades of blues are plentiful. Look for blues, teals, and turquoises when looking for new frames. You may also want to try floating lenses or sand glass-textured frames for a fun beach-inspired illusion on your frames.

You can choose your fashion eyewear based on your personal preferences and ones that will bring out the best features on your face. Come check out the fashion eyewear that we carry at Harry W. Chan, OD, and bring home the perfect trendy pair for yourself.

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