5 Things Your Eyes Say about Your Health


Your eyes are one of the most telling features in a person–from a simple look, you can tell whether someone is happy, sad, frustrated, or angry. But, your eyes can also tell something much more important–the state of your health. Here are just a few things that you should watch out for in your eyes and those of your loved ones to prevent serious health issues from creeping up on you and your loved ones.

Gray Ring around the Cornea

A huge sign of possible illness is a gray ring around your cornea. This ring is commonly called arcus senilis which often comes along with high cholesterol and triglycerides—which means an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Anyone under 60 should have a blood test to check if they have any unusual elevated levels.

Cloudy Eye

A cloudy eye—also known as a cataract—is common in older people and can be corrected with surgery. If this happens with a younger person it can be a sign of diabetes, tumors, or a more serious disease.

Pupils of Different Sizes

A potentially dangerous combination is someone with droopy eyes and pupils of different sizes. This can be associated with a disease called Horner’s syndrome, which is associated with aneurysms and tumors in the neck.

High Blood Pressure

Your eyes can also indicate a problem with high blood pressure. If your eye doctor detects the twisting of blood vessels, and A-V nicking, which are dents in the retinal veins, you have an extremely high chance of a stroke.

Burning Eyes, Blurry Vision

Employees who are on their computers for most of the day can suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS) which is a certain type of eyestrain caused by the lack of contrast on a computer screen.

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