6 Symptoms of Pinkeye


Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is caused by viruses, bacteria, irritants, or allergies. When you get it, your eyes, may feel uncomfortable and people may by caught off guard when they look you in the eye. You can prevent yourself from getting pinkeye by washing your hands often, refraining from touching your eyes, washing your towels on a regular basis, cleaning your pillowcases, and using only your own makeup. If you think that you might have pinkeye, consider the following 6 symptoms to help you determine if your eyes are infected:

  1. Redness in the whites of your eye. This is where the name “pinkeye” comes from.
  2. Yellow or green discharge. You may wake up to discharge in your eye area or develop a crusty layer along your eyes.
  3. Watery eyes. Your eyes may seem overly teary as it works to expel whatever is causing your conjunctivitis.
  4. Light sensitivity. It may be painful to be outside without sunglasses as your eyes work to heal.
  5. Blurred vision. Vision problems are not uncommon when your eyes have something in them.
  6. Itching and burning. You may feel uncomfortable, as if your eyes were gritty, as you struggle with pinkeye.

Some types of pinkeye will go away on their own, but others require medication. It would be wise to see your doctor. Have him or her examine your eyes and determine what the right course of action for treatment would be.

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