7 Interesting Facts about Blinking


Blinking is something that your body does automatically, so it is probably not something that you have ever put a lot of thought into. These 7 great facts about blinking might help you understand why we appreciate this ocular process so much here in our office.

1. Blinking Cleans the Eyeball

When you blink, you are not just closing your eyes, but rather allowing the inside of your eyelid to coat your eye with important enzymes and moisture. This keeps the eyes healthy by wiping away any large particles, and flushing out the small particles with the fluid.

2. All Mammals Blink

Even hamsters, who have no eyelids, will wink one eye at a time as their form of blinking.

3. You Will Always Blink When Sneezing

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Your body literally will not allow this to happen.

4. Women Blink Twice as Much as Men

Studies have shown that women blink almost twice as much as men do in the course of a day.

5. You Blink More When You Talk

This has been linked to why women blink more. Women are also known to talk about twice as much as men in a regular day.

6. Blinking Is the Fastest Movement in the Body

There is a reason the phrase, ‘in the blink of an eye’ was coined.

7. You Blink Less When Reading

This goes for books, magazines, and computer screens the same. The latter can cause some major issues, so if you read from a screen a lot, then we want you to be careful to take breaks and maybe focus on blinking more if possible.

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