How the Mind and Eyes Work Together for Perception


While skin embodies the sense of touch and is the largest organ of the human body, sight occupies a larger aspect of the human being’s brain. Other animals, like dogs, hyenas, and vultures, rely on the senses of smell. Bats rely on hearing, but for most human beings, sight is the most important sense. At the offices of Harry W. Chan, OD, we know how critical sight is and how necessary it is to understand how the eyes and the mind work together.

The Amazing Mind

Have you ever turned and deflected a ball that would have hit you in the face if your reflexes had been the tiniest bit slower? The amazing thing about eyesight is that while it has the shortest direct connection to the mind through the optic nerve, the information is being processed at such speeds that it can almost appear like people can see into the future in order to act in the present. With the help of sight, people actually perceive things before they happen.

How We Perceive

Because sight is so critical to how humans perceive the world, staff at the offices of Harry W. Chan, OD, know your vision needs to as sharp as possible. Whether you need glasses, contacts, or surgery to correct your vision problems, we can help you achieve the best eyesight possible.

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