How to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Your Insurance Plan


Have you moved to a new area? Have you changed jobs? Chances are that these life events will impact your insurance plan and the doctors that you can see. If you’re struggling to find a doctor who accepts your insurance plan, try these 2 ideas to find the right provider for you:

Contact Your Insurance Provider

The best way to find a doctor who accepts your insurance plan is to talk to your insurance provider. The company will have a list of the providers in the network. Call the customer service hotline to seek advice. You’ll need to know the kind of doctor that you would like to see and your location preference. You can also ask for doctors who are a certain gender, bilingual, etc.

Seek Recommendations

Try asking around to your friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations of good doctors in the area. You can also search online to look for doctors in your area with good reviews. Once you’ve wheedled down your decision to 3-4 potential doctors, call their offices directly. Ask about the insurance plans that they accept, and make sure that they are accepting new patients.

Even after you’ve found a doctor who accepts your insurance plan, take the time to schedule an appointment to get to know him or her. You may find that you need to continue to shop around until you find a doctor that you mesh better with.

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