How to Properly Care for Your Glasses


Whether you are blind as a bat or just need your glasses when you read, if you don’t take proper care of your lenses and frames, they won’t last long. Broken or damaged glasses can cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace, not to mention take several weeks of your time. So what can you do to properly care for your glasses? Here are a few tips that are sure to help.

  • When you aren’t wearing your glasses, keep them in a case. Whether you need to take them on vacation or you remove them to shower, don’t just set your glasses on the counter, in your purse, or in a bag. Not only is it easier to lose them when they aren’t in a case but they can easily be scratched if not protected.
  • Use only approved lens cleaning solutions and rags. A paper towel or dish cloth can leave scratches and scrapes in your $300 lenses. If you don’t know what you can or can’t use, contact your favorite optometrist and ask for help.
  • Remove your glasses by pulling them forward off of your nose and ears. If you are in the habit of grabbing one side of your glasses and yanking them off, stop at once. Over time, you can bend and tweak your frames or outright break them if you pull them off at an angle.

Don’t leave your glasses in the car. Besides increasing the chance they will be stolen, glasses can melt or become damaged in direct sunlight.

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