Interesting Information about Color Blindness


Here at the office of Harry W. Chan, we love being able to teach people about our line of work. We get a lot of questions about color blindness, and have decided to compile a fun list of interesting facts about this ocular condition:

  • More men than women are color blind. About 8% of men are color blind, and only 1% of women.
  • Men are not able to pass down their color blindness to their sons, but if a woman is color blind, all of her sons will be color blind.
  • There are 3 main kinds of color blindness. Each one has different deficiencies.
  • The most common kind of color blindness is red/green. This poses big troubles with traffic signals.
  • People with normal vision are able to see more than 100 hues. Someone afflicted with color blindness will only be able to see about 20 hues.
  • Many people are not diagnosed until late in life. This is not because it comes on late in life, but rather because most people with this condition don’t realize they have it as it is normal to them.
  • There are countries in which you cannot get a legal driver’s license if you are color blind.
  • There is not yet a cure or even an effective treatment for color blindness.

One big complaint from colorblind people is that they have a hard time buying ripe bananas.

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