Some Things to Consider before Getting LASIK Eye Surgery


If you’re looking for an alternative to common corrective eye measures like contact lenses and glasses, you should consider LASIK and how it can help. There are some things to consider before getting LASIK eye surgery, your health being the most important, and you should also consider the following things before you begin the process:

  • Your level of health will determine not only how the surgery will affect you, but how you will heal after the procedure has been completed. A complete eye exam is necessary to determine if you meet the requirements for a successful and safe LASIK surgery. An eye doctor can conduct an exam in office to determine your candidacy.
  • When considering any type of medical procedure, it is important to think about how it will affect your job. In some cases, you will be required to take some time to allow your eyes to heal. In many cases, LASIK surgery requires very little rest and downtime, but there are exceptions that may require you to take time from work.
  • If you have noticed that year by year your vision grows progressively worse, LASIK may not be a viable option for you. Deteriorating vision at a rapid rate will need to be considered by your eye doctor to rule out any serious complications.

LASIK surgery can have potential, though not common, risks associated with it. Before selecting an eye doctor to perform the surgery, make sure you select one that has experience performing LASIK successfully and one that you feel comfortable with. We’d love to help you work through the process of learning more about LASIK and determining your individual candidacy.


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