Technological Advancements Protect Patient Information


Protecting your information has never been more important than it is now. Every day the news is filled with more and more cases of people being scammed and their accounts being pilfered because of identity theft. If you have been avoiding heading to a dental office because of your fear of losing your information, read on to obtain some peace of mind.

Many medical offices, including our own, have worked hard to take advantage of the different technological advancements that have been made to protect your information. The following is just a taste of some of the efforts we have used to keep you and your information safe and sound:

  • Security key cards and codes: Anyone accessing your files will have to go through many different codes and passwords to obtain the information.
  • Separate filing locations: Your personal information will be stored in a separate place from your medical information, which will be different from the banking information. This means that a hacker would have to get into all of these locations and then somehow try to match them all up in order to get any use from them.
  • Minimal information requested: We are fully aware of the danger lurking, which is why we have worked to reduce the amount of information we ask for. Superfluous information can be harmful if put in the wrong hands, so we operate on a need-to-know basis to keep you safe.

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