The Pros and Cons of Contacts


At the offices of Harry W. Chan, OD, we understand that people have concerns with contacts. For some, there is an aesthetic concern; others have a concern with the safety and comfort of contacts. Contacts have their benefits, but they are not for everyone or for every situation.

A Matter of Style

Before geek became chic, contacts would have been considered the most stylish choice of eyewear. After all, no one really wanted to hear how nice their glasses looked. However, now that nerds have made it to the “in” club, glasses are considered an accessory, like a good handbag or earrings. Even people who do not need glasses have resorted to wearing frames with no lenses.

A Matter of Safety

Contacts allow the person to have a clear line of sight without a frame to get in the way of important visual cues. However, it is important to make sure not to wear the contacts more than prescribed. That means that 24-hour lenses should only be worn for that long and not longer. Glasses offer the eyes a layer of protection against flying objects and allow the eyes natural protections to keep or remove small particles form the eyeball that may otherwise be trapped by a contact lens.

At the office of Harry W. Chan, OD, we understand that people get contacts for different reasons. It is important for you to know when you will be wearing them and why you want them.

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