Tips for Find a Good Optometrist in Your Area


Your eyes are worth taking good care of. When you are looking for a good optometrist, there are some important things we suggest you look for. An optometrist is the doctor you go to have your eyes examined when changes occur, when diseases present themselves, or for preventative care. Verifying their credentials, seeking recommendations and referrals, and talking to the eye care offices themselves are good places to start your search for a good eye doctor.


It is easy to check for an optometrist’s credentials on the Internet. Some optometrists specialize in refraction and keratometry, and before you use their services it is important to know they are qualified to do what they are claiming they do.

Recommendations and Referrals

If you have an insurance carrier it is a very good idea to contact them to find out which optometrists are part of your insurance system. Your family medical doctor should have optometrists they know and trust to recommend to you. Talk to anyone you know that wears glasses or contacts, since they have an optometrist they work with and can tell you who they like and don’t like to go to for eye care.

Eye Care Providers

You can always talk to the staff at an eye care office you are considering and ask about what they offer and how they do business. Visiting their offices is another way to find out about an optometrist.

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