What Every Contact Wearer Needs to Know


Chances are good your optometrist gave you some basic instructions when you first received your contact lenses. For those of you who may have forgotten, here are a few friendly reminders every contact wearer needs to know from your local optometrists, Dr. Chan.

The Cleanest Solution

When you’re in a bind, the temptation to skimp on your cleaning solution can result in unwanted infections. A common mistake is using tap water which is always a risk because of foreign particles and chemicals that make their way into public water sources. Saliva is also a bad alternative because the naturally-occurring bacteria in your mouth are not naturally occurring in your eye.

Case Closed

Hopefully, you didn’t spend too much on that bejeweled lens case, because the experts recommend replacing them every three months. Even if you take the extra time to clean and sanitize, it is still susceptible to contamination. When you do wash them, always wash with your cleaning solution, not water that can contain unwanted particulates.

Best Before

Penny-pinchers, beware! The expiration dates on your lenses are not suggestions. If your milk expired today, chances are you shouldn’t drink it tomorrow. The same goes for your lenses as ignore expiration dates can wreak havoc on your vision. Even if you only use them occasionally, your lenses are not impervious to the passage of time. Your lenses are made of plastic which is comprised of microscopic pores where dirt and bacteria can build up despite regular cleaning. Regardless of what type you use, play it safe and obey the expiration dates.

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