Why Are Eye Exams Essential?


Many people understand the need for regular physicals and dental exams, but they overlook the importance of getting regular eye exams. They believe that, as long as there isn’t an obvious problem, they don’t need to visit an optometrist. However, eye exams can be essential to your overall health. Here are a few reasons why we believe that it’s important for everyone to get regular eye exams.

Catch Problems Early

Even if you are not aware of them, there may be problems with your eyes developing. People often overlook the symptoms of conditions like glaucoma or retinal detachment and neglect to have their eyes examined. When this happens, the condition progresses unchecked, and permanent vision loss can occur. Regular eye exams will help to catch these problems before they become serious.

Better Quality of Life

Having healthy eyes and good vision contributes to a better quality of life. Even if you are not aware of your less-than-perfect vision, it can be affecting you every single day. Squinting to view presentations and street signs, and suffering from daily headaches is not something that you should have to deal with, even if you believe that it is a normal part of life. Regular eye exams will catch these changes in your vision and prescribe corrective lenses so that you can see more clearly and live a better life every day.


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